The Grymoire's Subscription Statement

Grymoire hosts two private mailing lists - the Electronic Grymoire, and the Shadow Network. Both mailing lists are for professional entertainers and magicians.

To join either list, ask a professional magician who is a member to recommend you. Ineed to verifyt that you are sincerely interested in the art of illusion, and that you just want to join to "find out how magician's tricks are done."

The preferred way is to then send an email to me with your request.

However, web sites like hotmail/MSN live insist that there be a web page to sign up. So here it is. I might even respond, if you can proove to me that you are a magician.

Send a request to, and I will send you an email and verify your email and your request.

Requests to be removed can be sent to or can be send to the list itself.

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