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Last modified: Wed Jan 30 08:58:07 2019

About this site

This is a collection of writings published years ago. I try to add and inprove concent when I can.

I don't like JavaScript, but I do use Google to place some ads on my site. These ads help pay for the web server.

Bruce Barnett

Twitter: \@grymoire

Blog: Wordpress Blog

For 27 years, Bruce Barnett worked at a large research center in upstate New York.

Bruce published 27 papers, and was awarded 14 patents.

Previously, he was a senior software engineer for 13 years, working for a small company making circuit board test systems, and was the primary developer of the run-time and user interface software.

What is a Grymoire

A Grimoire is a notebook used by wizards. It is a collection of incantations, spells, and information. It seemed like a suitable name for a personal workstation. I changed the spelling (I was influenced by T. A. Waters) to Grymoire, and I have used that name for my computer since 1986.

Contact Me

My twitter handle is @grymoire

My Facebook account is Electronic Grymoire

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