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Last modified: Fri Nov 27 09:49:46 2020

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About this site

This is a collection of writings published years ago. I try to add and improve content when I can.

I've always been a deep-dive person - building my knowledge from the bottom up. I don't like to use JavaScript and software I don;t control. Therefore everything on this web side (CSS and HTML) is something I hand-edited, except for the ads from Google (a necessary evil). These ads help pay for the web server and encourage me to improve the content over time. Sorry it's not fancy, but it's safe to visit.

Bruce Barnett

Twitter: \@grymoire

Blog: Wordpress Blog

Here's the boring part.

For 27 years, I worked at a large research center in upstate New York. While I was there, I started work as a sys-admin, and then was promoted to scientist and worked on projects involving network analysis, expert systems, steganography, cryptography, intrusion detection and other security-relayed projects. I published 27 papers, and was awarded at least 14 patents.

Previously, I was a senior software engineer for 13 years, working for a small company making circuit board test systems, and was the primary developer of the run-time and user interface software. We uses 16-bit minicomputers.

What is a Grymoire

A Grimoire is a notebook used by wizards. It is a collection of incantations, spells, and information. Since I am also a magician, it seemed like a suitable name for a personal workstation. I changed the spelling (I was influenced by T. A. Waters) to Grymoire, and I have used that name for my computer since 1984.

Contact Me

My twitter handle is @grymoire

My Facebook account is Electronic Grymoire

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