The Grymoire's Privacy Statement

Grymoire hosts two private mailing lists - the Electronic Grymoire, and the Shadow Network. Both mailing lists are for professional entertainers and magicians. Being magicians, I consider the information confidential as we do not want the general public to discover the secret to our illusions.

These mailing lists are not advertised. I consider them private, and information about members is only shared between members on that list.

I do not accept advertising. Users may use these lists to promote their own services and products to other members.

Membership in the Electronic Grymoire requires a small subscription fee, and an application must be filled out and submitted. This application contains the terms and conditions.

Membership in the Shadow Network is opt-in. Members must contact me and request membership explicitly. Once I confirm the members desire to be on the list by sending an email and asking for an acknowledgment, that person is added to the list.

Unsubscriptions are handled by requests send to me or to the list.

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