Bruce Barnett

For 27 years, Bruce Barnett worked at GE's Global Research Center in upstate New York. He was responsible for finding solutions for business- and military-related problems when no commercial solution existed. Bruce was the primary expert in security and networking for GE's research facility. His customers were GE's business divisions, such as Healthcare, NBC, Digital Energy, Oil and Gas. Bruce also developed several security-based solutions for Lockheed Martin.

Bruce has the ability to quickly research existing approaches, devise innovative solutions, master new technology, and rapidly prototype new technology that both demonstrates new capability while creating a solution that is practical. These projects often required interfacing to existing systems, including databases, web servers, etc.

Bruce published 27 papers, and was awarded 14 patents. He taught classes in security. He won 10 management awards from GE and 2 from Lockheed Martin. He has proven skills in communication.

In addition, Bruce was involved in many product risk assessments, and performed technological reviews of technology with security requirements.

Bruce's first job at GE was a senior system administrator, responsible for more than 1000 Unix workstations, while maintaining hundreds of open-source software packages for the research community. Bruce connected GE to the Internet in 1988, and was promoted to a scientist because of his expertise.

Before Bruce joined GE, he was a senior software engineer for 13 years, working for a small company making circuit board test systems, and was the primary developer of the run-time and user interface software. He also created a 50-workstation network and transitioned the company to Unix-based systems. This experience shaped Bruce's attitude, which stresses the importance of creating reliable and maintainable software.

Bruce's strengths include:

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